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Recently published article collections

Fire Ecology and Management in Mexico

This collection presents the latest research concerning fire ecology and management in Mexico.

Frontiers in Fire Ecology

This collection celebrates the 20th anniversary of the Association for Fire Ecology by present ing current advances and directions for the future of fire ecology and related research.

The Association for Fire Ecology is pleased and excited to announce that the journal Fire Ecology will now be published by Springer Nature. We hope that the additional peer review process and system support provided by them will allow us to continue to publish the best research in fire ecology with increased efficiency and integrity.

Bob Keane, Managing Editor​​​​​​​

Aims and scope

Fire Ecology is the international scientific journal supported by the Association for Fire Ecology. Fire Ecology publishes peer-reviewed articles on all ecological and management aspects relating to wildland fire. We welcome submissions on topics that include a broad range of research on the ecological relationships of fire to its environment, including, but not limited to:

  • Ecology (physical and biological fire effects, fire regimes, etc.)
  • Social science (geography, sociology, anthropology, etc.)
  • Fuel
  • Fire science and modeling
  • Planning and risk management
  • Law and policy
  • Fire management
  • Inter- or cross-disciplinary fire-related topics
  • Technology transfer products

Past articles in Fire Ecology

All historic issues published in Fire Ecology are available on this website. You can access them by visiting the Articles tab. They are also available on SpringerLink.

All articles in Fire Ecology are open access. The full article can be viewed and downloaded free of charge.

A note on the journal's structure


Articles in Fire Ecology published prior to August 2018 are assigned volume, issue and page numbers. The reference structure for these articles is:

    Authors: Title. Fire Ecol [year], [volume number]: [issue
    number], pp. [page numbers]

Articles published in August 2018 and after are published continuously instead of in issues and are assigned article numbers. The reference structure for these articles is:

    Authors: Title. Fire Ecol [year], [volume number]:
    [article number]


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