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Fire Ecology Chats
A collection of podcasts that discuss the origins, results, and implications of papers published in the journal Fire Ecology.


Wildfire and Prescribed Fire Effects on Wildlife
Edited by: Gavin Jones, Brice Hanberry, Katie H. Greenberg, Angela M. White
First article forthcoming

Restoring Fire in Eastern Oak Savannas and Forests
Edited by: Morgan Varner, Heather Alexander, Dan Dey, Justin Hart, Jesse Kreye, Callie Schweitzer
First article published: 6 July 2020

Fire Ecology Across Boundaries
Edited by: Claire Belcher, Nuria Prat Guitart, Francisco Seijo, Guillermo Defosse
First article forthcoming


Long-Term Post-Fire Vegetation Recovery
Edited by: Andrew T. Hudak, Leda Kobziar, Karin Riley
First article published: 10 April 2019


Fire Ecology and Management in Mexico
Edited by: Citlali Cortés Montaño, Diego Pérez Salicrup, Francisco Seijo Maceiro
First article published: 19 December 2018

Frontiers in Fire Ecology
Edited by: Karin Riley, Leda Kobziar, Andrew T. Hudak
First article published: 27 December 2018

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