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Robert E. Keane, USDA Forest Service Missoula, USA

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Laurie Burk, On Point Presentations, USA

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Heather Alexander, Mississippi State University, USA
Sofia Bajocco, Council for Agricultural Research and Economics, Italy
Mohammed Bataineh, University of Arkansas, USA
Claire M. Belcher, University of Exeter, UK
Manuel Esteban Lucas Borja, Universidad de Castilla La Mancha, Spain
Matthew L. Brooks
, US Geological Survey, USA
G. Matt Davies, Ohio State University, USA
Guillermo E. Defossé, University of Patagonia, Argentina
Stacy Drury, Sonoma Technology Inc., USA
Todd C. Esque, US Geological Survey, USA
Mike Flannigan, University of Alberta, Canada
Aquila Flower, Western Washington University, USA
Samuel  Fuhlendorf, Oklahoma State University, USA
Douglas J. Hallet
, University of Calgary, Canada
Brice Hanberry, USDA Forest Service, USA
Justin Hart, University of Alabama, USA
Jeff Hatten, Oregon State University, USA
Sharon Hood, USDA Forest Service, USA
Andrew Hudak, USDA Forest Service, USA
Todd Hutchinson, USDA Forest Service, USA
Theresa Jain, USDA Forest Service, USA
Jeffrey M. Kane, Humboldt State University, USA
Luke T. Kelly, University of Melbourne, Australia
Becky Kerns, USDA Forest Service, USA
Eric Kilburg, Kansas Department of Wildlife, Parks, and Tourism, USA
Eric E. Knapp, USDA Forest Service, USA
Jesse K Kreye, Penn State University, USA
Leda N. Kobziar, University of Idaho, USA
Andrew J. Larson, University of Montana, USA
Rachel Loehman, US Geological Survey, USA
James A. Lutz, Utah State University, USA
Sarah McCaffery, USDA Forest Service, USA
David McWethy, Montana State University, USA
Carol Miller, USDA Forest Service, USA
Cara R. Nelson, University of Montana, USA
Katherine M. O'Donnell, US Geological Survey, USA
Russ Parsons, USDA Forest Service, USA
David L. Peterson, USDA Forest Service, USA
Karin Riley, University of Montana, USA
Monique E. Rocca, Colorado State University, USA
Kevin C. Ryan, USDA Forest Service, USA
Courtney Schultz, Colorado State University, USA
Callie Schweitzer, USDA Forest Service, USA
Carolyn H. Sieg, USDA Forest Service, USA
Michael Stambaugh, University of Missouri, USA
Scott L. Stephens, University of California, Berkeley, USA
Thomas W. Swetnam, University of Arizona, USA
Andrea Thode, Northern Arizona University, USA
Morgan Varner, USDA Forest Service, USA
Jan van Wagtendonk, National Park Service, USA



2019 Outstanding Associate Editor

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Todd C. Esque - USGS - Western Ecological Research Center

Todd is a research ecologist with the US Geological Survey’s Western Ecological Research Center. As a desert ecologist Todd has resided in the southwestern US for the past 40 years. When periodic wet seasons support a flush of invasive annuals, desert fires are not far behind. Todd and colleagues study the effects of desert fire and invasive plants on native plants and animals.  

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