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Table 2 Climate and topographic variable names and descriptions

From: Examining post-fire vegetation recovery with Landsat time series analysis in three western North American forest types

Variable Description
MAP Post-fire anomaly of mean annual precipitation (mm)
GSP Post-fire anomaly of growing season precipitation (Apr to Sep; mm)
WINP Post-fire anomaly of winter precipitation (Nov + Dec + Jan + Feb; mm)
MAT Post-fire anomaly of mean annual temperature (°C)
MMAX Post-fire anomaly of mean maximum temperature in warmest month (°C)
MMIN Post-fire anomaly of mean minimum temperature in coldest month (°C)
DIST Distance to unburn (m)
CURV McNab’s curvature (McNab 1989)
SLOPE Slope (degrees)
TRASP Transformed aspect (Roberts and Cooper 1989)