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Table 3 Patch number and size statistics for each fire event

From: Examining post-fire vegetation recovery with Landsat time series analysis in three western North American forest types

  Patch size (ha)
Fire eventTotal (n)MinimumMedianMeanMaximumSD
Egley42 6740.090.180.53597.334.28
Hayman62 5330.090.180.63502.295.22
Jasper29 0920.090.180.78229.773.31
School18 2140.090.180.5888.292.15
Black Mountain 2 and Cooney Ridge6 8530.090.181.05186.665.49
Cascade and East Zone203 0130.090.180.60350.013.57
Wedge Canyon and Robert35 3690.090.181.00566.736.53
Old and Grand Prix37 6190.090.180.93683.736.74