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Fig. 6

From: Getting back to fire suméŝ: exploring a multi-disciplinary approach to incorporating traditional knowledge into fuels treatments

Fig. 6

Areas where PGIS participants (n = 37) felt that fuels treatments could be applied (a), and where fuels treatments should be avoided (b) on the Northeast Washington Collaborative Forest Landscape Restoration Area project area of the Colville National Forest, USA. The color scale on the lower right corner of the maps represents the proportion of PGIS participants that identified an area as benefiting from treatments or as a place where fuels treatments should be excluded for which 0 is none of participants and 1 is 100% of participants. The interviews took place in the towns of Nespelem, Inchelium, and Keller, Washington, USA, November through December 2015 following the 2015 North Star Fire that burned a significant portion of the CCT Reservation

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