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Table 1 Parameters of fire histories in subtropical dry forest of Puerto Rico, USA. Charcoal was sampled in December 2015 in the northeastern subtropical dry forest, and in December 2014 in the southeastern subtropical dry forest. The radiocarbon ages of 20 charcoal samples from the northeastern subtropical dry forest were determined by AMS (Accelerator Mass Spectrometry) at the Earth System Science Department, University of California, Irvine; and the radiocarbon ages of 58 charcoal samples from the southeastern subtropical dry forest were determined by AMS at the Lawrence Livermore National Lab

From: Late Holocene fire history and charcoal decay in subtropical dry forests of Puerto Rico

Forest type Charcoal samples (n) 14C dated samples (n) Fire period (cal. yr BP) Detected fire events (n) Estimated fire events (n)
Before correction for charcoal decay After correction for charcoal decay
Northeastern subtropical dry 31 20 −2 to 1261 17 19 21
Southeastern subtropical dry 1734 58 1 to 4858 9 9 10