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Table 5 Decay rate constants previously published for loblolly pine foliar litterfall in stands ranging from 9 to 15 years of age at the time of litterbag installation

From: The influence of repeated prescribed fire on decomposition and nutrient release in uneven-aged loblolly–shortleaf pine stands

StudyNo treatmentFertilizationIrrigationVegetation control
Sanchez 200110.33, 0.340.43, 0.410.35, 0.35 
Piatek and Allen 200120.41, 0.43   
Gurlevik et al. 200330.390.40 0.27
  1. 1Rate constants calculated from high- and low-quality pine foliage litter. Treatments were applied annually in the area of the decomposition study
  2. 2Rate constants for foliage collected from two different 15-year-old stands
  3. 3Treatments were applied once just prior to initiation of the decomposition study