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Table 1 Forest structural variables (diameter at breast height [dbh], basal area, height, and density) of live and standing dead (snags) trees, canopy cover, and understory visibility (Under vis) at the unburned reference site (R), close-burned site (QC), and distant-burned site (QL), measured between December 2015 to August 2017 at the piedmont Southern Andean Yungas forest, Jujuy province, Argentina. Values indicate mean ± standard deviation; same letter (a, b, c) next to the values denotes no significant difference (P ≥ 0.05)

From: Fire and distance from unburned forest influence bird assemblages in Southern Andean Yungas of Northwest Argentina: a case study

Forest attributeVariableRQCQL
Live treesdbh (cm)33±13a17±9b5±11c
basal area (m2 ha−1)10±7a2±3b0±2c
height (m)14±4a14±8a3±8b
density (individuals ha−1)86±39a64±63b8±19c
Snagsdbh (cm)2±6a17±7b16±8b
basal area (m2 ha−1)0±0a2±1b3±3b
height (m)1±3a13±7b12±6b
density (individuals ha−1)1±5a70±69b90±66b
Canopy cover (%) 51±12a31±14b17±8c
Under vis (%) 87±12a54±21b16±13c