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Table 3 Summary of before–after (1989, 2017) trends among vegetation parameters at the Gibbons Creek Barrens Natural Area, Pope County, Illinois, USA. Significant changes (P < 0.05) are highlighted with bold capital ex (X); non-significant trends indicated with lowercase ex (x). GCB = Gibbons Creek Barrens, FSB = Forest Service Barrens

From: Do early trends in oak barrens fire treatment predict later outcomes? Insights from three decades of vegetation monitoring

Parameter Treatment: Burn (GCB) Treatment: Control (FSB)
Decrease Increase Decrease Increase
 Tree density X   X  
 Tree basal area X    x
 Shrub-sapling density   X   x
Ground layer
 Species density   X   x
 Species richness   X x  
 Species diversity   X x  
 Species dominance X    x
 Percent cover X   X