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Welcome By Jan vanWagtendonk

President Association for Fire Ecology

Welcome to the first issue of Fire Ecology, the Journal of the Association for Fire Ecology. Why another new journal? That is the same question we were asked when we founded the Association over four years ago, and the answer is the same. Other societies and their journals usually cover a broad spectrum of interests and topics focused in a general area such as ecology or forestry. While other journals might address fire science, its physical basis, and means to suppress it, no journal specifically deals with the ecology of fire. We feel that the science of fire ecology fills an empty niche.

From the time Charles F. Cooper introduced the field to the scientific community in his classic paper “The Ecology of Fire,” in 1961 in Scientific American, fire ecology has developed into a mature area of scientific inquiry. Today, there is a growing body of literature, a set of concepts and principals, and a need to apply those principles to land management practices. The Association for Fire Ecology was founded with the purpose of promoting the application of fire ecology through science and education. Fire Ecology is one means to accomplish this purpose.

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