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Table 1 Three-way Analysis of variance of soil properties in two Ohio mixed-oak forests, with fire treatment, plot size, and study site (=block) as main effects. N=376. Variance components not significant at p≤0.05 are indicated in italics.

From: Effects of Prescribed Fire at Two Frequencies on N Mineralization and Nitrification at Two Spatial Scales in Mixed-Oak Forests

Response Variable Full Model Fire Plot Treatment Block Size Fire-Plot Interaction Fire-Block Interaction Plot-Block Interaction
Total F=10.82 F=2.36 F=1.38 F=17.81 F=5.89 F=23.46 F=9.82
Inorganic N p<0.001 p<0.097 p<0.241 p<0.001 p<0.004 p<0.001 p<0.002
N F=15.63 F=50.11 F=1.06 F=22.21 F=2.17 F=5.56 F=1.07
Mineralization p<0.001 p<0.001 p<0.305 p<0.001 p<0.116 p<0.005 p<0.302
Net n F=15.94 F=27.62 F=1.58 F=19.96 F=4.82 F=27.53 F=4.59
Nitrificatio p<0.001 p<0.001 p<0.211 p<0.001 p<0.009 p<0.001 p<0.033
Soil F=10.75 F=0.44 F=0.34 F=43.08 F=2.09 F=23.77 F=0.02
Organic C p<0.001 p<0.648 p<0.563 p<0.001 p<0.125 p<0.001 p<0.981