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Table 2 Two-way analysis of variance of soil properties in two Ohio mixed-oak forests in relation to sample plot size. Macroplots were 50 m2 and microplots were 1 m2. N=198 for the macroplots and N=132 for the microplots. Variance components not significant at p≤0.05 are indicated in italics.

From: Effects of Prescribed Fire at Two Frequencies on N Mineralization and Nitrification at Two Spatial Scales in Mixed-Oak Forests

Response Variable Full Model Fire Treatment Block Fire-by-Block Interaction
Total Inorganic N     
Macroplot F=15.59 F=6.21 F=36.95 F=14.12
  p<0.001 p<0.003 p<0.001 p<0.001
Microplot F=8.23 F=3.01 F=0.43 F=17.46
  p<0.001 p<0.050 p<0.514 p<0.001
N Mineralization     
Macroplot F=18.39 F=27.53 F=21.64 F=7.63
  p<0.001 p<0.001 p<0.001 p<0.001
Microplot F=12.14 F=24.77 F=5.26 F=2.97
  p<0.001 p<0.001 p<0.024 p< 0.055
Net Nitrification     
Macroplot F=14.79 F=8.92 F=35.29 F=10.75
  p<0.001 p<0.002 p<0.001 p<0.001
Microplot F=14.78 F=17.90 F=1.84 F=18.43
  p<0.001 p<0.001 p<0.178 p<0.001
Soil Organic C     
Macroplot F=8.54 F=0.82 F=28.83 F=6.04
  p<0.001 p< 0.443 p<0.001 p<0.003
Microplot F=16.86 F=1.71 F=18.39 F=31.01
  p<0.001 p< 0.184 p<0.001 p<0.001