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Table 1 Tree density and basal area in 8 yr old, 28 yr old, and 60 yr old stands of Pinus douglasiana following high-severity fires in central-western Mexico. Values represent averages for each stand, with standard error in parentheses; a and b show significant differences between means (P < 0.05) with the post-hoc Tukey test.

From: Soil Carbon and Nutrient Recovery after High-Severity Wildfire in Mexico

  Stand age
Structural variables 8 yr 28 yr 60 yr
Density (trees ha−1 ≥ 2.5 dbh) 1802 (923)a 820 (114)a 1924 (256)a
Total basal area (m2 ha−1) 10 (0.73)a 45 (3.2)b 50 (3.2)b
Relative basal area (%) (p: pines, b: broadleaf) 91 p, 9 b 95 p, 5 b 80 p, 20 b