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Table 3 Expected fires per cell, proportion of the landscape for the aggregate fuel models, and expected and observed proportion of modeled fires for each category for the simulated fires. Since shrub fuel models were omitted from the chi-square test and are not presented in this table, the proportion of the landscape does not add to 100%. Further, while we simulated 270 fires in total, the number of expected fires in the table does not sum to 270 because the remainder would be expected to occur in shrub fuels.

From: Modeling Fire Pathways in Montane Grassland-Forest Ecotones

Descriptor Grass fuel models Timber fuel models
Number of cells 105 548 290835
Proportion of landscape (%) 26.4 72.9
Expected fires per cell 71.3 196.8
Maximum observed number of fires in a cell (% of simulated fires) 182 (67.4) 202 (74.8)