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Table 2 Equations to predict lower-trunk growth increment based on monthly climate parameters for redwoods in two old-growth forests at Montgomery Woods State Natural Reserve (MW) and Landels-Hill Big Creek Reserve (LH). Predictors (V1 to V3) followed by regression coefficients (a to d), sample size (n), goodness of fit (R2), and form of equation. PDSI = Palmer Drought Severity Index, str = mean stream-flow discharge, pcp = total precipitation.

From: Tree-Ring Indicators of Fire in Two Old-Growth Coast Redwood Forests

Plot V1 V2 V3 a b c d n R2 Form
MW May PDSI Sep str Oct pcp 0.022 0.104 −0.001 1.234 63 0.405 aV1 + bV2 + cV3 + d
LH Apr to Aug PDSI    0.063 1.344    67 0.422 aV1 + b