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Table 5 Multiple regression results of fuel load estimates and percent burn on two thermocouple metrics (MEAN and AREA60) derived from thick thermocouples. Regressions were run both with and without pyrometer and caloriometer data in models.

From: Comparing Techniques for Estimating Flame Temperature of Prescribed Fires

Thermocouple metric R2 Model
MEAN [ln] 0.31 percent burn
  0.37 percent burn, litter depth [ln]
MEAN [ln] 0.71 max temperature (metal pyrometer)
  0.76 max temperature (metal pyrometer), percent burn
  0.79 max temperature (metal pyrometer), percent burn, calories (caloriometer) [ln]
  0.79 max temperature (metal pyrometer), percent burn, calories (caloriometer) [ln], litter litter depth [ln]
AREA60 0.12 litter depth
  0.21 litter depth, percent burn
  0.28 litter depth, percent burn, woody fuel > 3″ diameter
AREA60 0.5 max temperature (metal pyrometer)
  0.61 max temperature (metal pyrometer), calories (caloriometer)
  0.66 max temperature (metal pyrometer), calories (caloriometer), woody mass