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Table 1 Summary of wildfire data included in data analyses for post-fire tree mortality predictions.

From: Predicting Post-Fire Tree Mortality for 12 Western US Conifers Using the First Order Fire Effects Model (FOFEM)

Fire name Location1 State Fire type Ignition date Species sampled2 No. trees3
Dauber Coconino NF AZ Prescribed Sep 1995 PP 222
Bridger-Knoll Kaibab NF AZ Wild Jun 1996 PP 833
Side Coconino NF AZ Wild May 1996 PP 313
Rodeo-Chediski Apache-Sitgreaves NF AZ Wild Jun 2002 PP 698
Bucks Plumas NF CA Wild Aug 1999 RF, WF, SP 236
Storrie Plumas NF CA Wild Aug 2000 RF, WF 198
Star Tahoe CA Wild Aug 2001 WF, SP 273
Cone Lassen CA Wild Sep 2002 JP, PP 1065
McNally Sequoia NF CA Wild Jul 2002 WF, IC, JP, PP 3872
Power Eldorado NF CA Wild Oct 2004 SP 719
Lower Priest Idaho Panhandle NF ID Prescribed Jun 1984 ES, DF, WL 172
Upper Priest Idaho Panhandle NF ID Prescribed Sep 1983 ES, DF, WL 87
Air Patrol Northern Cheyenne IR MT Wild Aug 1988 PP 505
Brewer Custer NF MT Wild Jun 1988 PP 626
Early Bird Northern Cheyenne IR MT Wild Jun 1988 PP 615
Canyon Creek Lolo NF MT Wild Sep 1988 WL 69
Mussigbrod Beaverhead-Deerlodge NF MT Wild Aug 2000 LP, WP, ES, SF, DF 1102
Moose Flathead NF; Glacier NP MT Wild Aug 2001 LP, WP, ES, SF, PP, DF, WL 1266
Lubrecht Lolo NF MT Prescribed Apr 2002 LP, PP, DF, WL 1696
Tenderfoot Lewis and Clark NF MT Prescribed Sep 2002 LP, WP, ES, SF 1750
Slowey Lolo NF MT Prescribed Mar 1992 PP, DF 241
Green Knoll Bridger-Teton NF WY Wild Aug 2001 LP, WP, ES, SF, DF 276
Yellowstone Bridger-Teton NF; Yellowstone NP WY Wild Jun 1988 SF, LP ES, DF 310
  1. 1 IR = Indian reservation; NF = National Forest; NP = National Park.
  2. 2 Species: LP = lodgepole pine, WP = whitebark pine, ES = Engelmann spruce, RF = red fir, SF = subalpine fir, WF = white fir, IC = incense cedar, JP = Jeffrey pine, PP = ponderosa pine, DF = Douglas-fir, WL = western larch, SP = sugar pine.
  3. 3 Tree numbers vary slightly between pre-fire and post-fire analyses based on available data.